Maurice O’Connell

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Maurice OConnell   is a Creative living in Cornwall  with a career  spanning  Performance, Architecture, Theatre and the Avant Garde .  His work is now focussed on writing and Theatre manifestations.   A citizen of NSK STATE IN TIME  and  fanatic of retro over identification …. currently  using historical events to create real time fictional incidents. with projects  Atlanta olympic games, Sao Paulo Biennale, Manifesta , Venice Biennale, London  International Theatre Festival, Kiasma, CCA Glasgow, IMMA

 Maurice O’Connell has always been a story teller and recently has begun a long task of telling some of his stories. All have some truth to them all  but rarely if ever are they as unreal as the actual events he refers to… in the tradition of all story tellers it is not important if they happened but it is great fun to imagine they might have .

The writing is purely for amusement and one day I hope to publish them in hard copy  but as there are still tales to tell I must keep writing .

I live in South west England  spending as much time outside as possible . I am am a wild water swimmer   with a an appetite for big and small adventures   . I have been lucky enough to have had several careers  . food has become a huge passion  and getting to laugh out loud 

I am writng an outdoor opera for a whale  and  with funding an archive of a  WW1 shell shock hospital  in Newton Abbot  close to where I  used to 

live….have begun a new opera entitled THE WOOD THIEF …set in a small fishing village where the recent death of the woodthief reveals a much bigger agenda ….the thief had collected tokens of loss and hurt from various parts of the community creating a wunderkamer of individual and community hurt loss and pain


Maurice W Oconnell

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