Disguise kit 

Early sunday after noon  just past junction 25 a rather tired man shuffled to the toilets of the service station ..his eyes glanced briefly around him.as he secured his cubicle …reaching for his upper lip he flung his moustached into the latrine and flushed …reaching into his suitcase he replaced his smile …shuffling to his car and continued on his journey unnoticed


Philip k dick

Well it was bound to catch up on me  … i was telling a fictional tale  to one of my  characters this evening …explaining how once i had to be removed from a cafe in totnes  for starting a fight with michel foucault  over his structures of power …. any way  I had a brief moment when i lost my firm grip on reality  when i had to explain to the fictional character   that  none of it was real including him  …. i reassured him i had evidence it and he  were not real ….the fictional character  asked to see …..philip k dick moment

Breakout discussion

During one of the breakout discussions about people who are difficult to employ or  just plainly difficult people ….I was asked why I had lost  my position as lead dancer at the Moulin Rouge …”Gosh you have done your research …It was a lot of fuss about nothing …The dancers didn’t like the way I just went around fiddling with other people’s boobs “…”What ? They were just boobs …I would go  into  the dressing rooms and …” “yes I do think it was an overreaction  and  everyone got their boobs back eventually !!!!”

Brinnng brinnng 

Brrrrng … Brrrrng. ….brrrng. …hello is that you maurice ?..”.Yep ….just checking you enjoyed today and you got home okay ??.”..Me :”oh gosh yes ..lots of fun  and I got home eventually !!” ..”Someone said they saw you leave with two of security  ? “….Yes I had one of my Gene Hackman in The Conversation moments ” ….”oh sorry I don’t know that movie ..not sure what that means”…”.Let’s just say  going down the stairs was fun “….

Smelly Ginelli

Smelly Ginelli lived next door to our chipper . Mr Gunelli was his actual name orginally from carrick on shannon  worked for a local pirate radio station  his job was to secure the transmitters during police raids

The Third man mother

Mothers refusal to play supporting actress to Joseph cottons character in  Orson Welles’ s “The Third Man” caused a rift in the family …mother concerned we were were going to contract a hideous disease racing around the sewers  of Vienna.  Father absent minded to the point of savant  would return home each night to the sound of Mr karas’s Ziither . It was in a final gesture mother allowed  “mufty” make a guest appearance on behalf of the family as Harry Limes cat ….much to our delight …

Auntie John

Auntie john and joan   lived somewhere on the road to portloaise from.dublin …john joan John Joan took.turns being the uncle the aunt the aunt the uncle  but much more Important was the two giraffes that lived in their garden and the fact they had one one pair of yellow corduroy dungarees between them ..john joan