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The Wall

​The air is different here .. The sun requires a furrow of the brow …entering the courtyard  you see bodies and their faces pressed against the sun drenched South facing walls .. a firm but benign hand on your shoulder suggests you forward into the heat association your now flushed cheek finds shade in the act of pressing yourself onto and into the wall … The insinuating disembodied hand withdraws .. a voice enters your  cranial cavity and instructs you to listen to the wall breathe ..Theirs is not rushed ..on the first breathe you hear ..hold yours …on the second return the breathe … then and only then can you leave…


The Sins of our Fathers


Glistening red ,crimson dripping with dull plopping I stood framed by the rotten daylight of this turbulent day …eyes lifted to greet my defiant arrival  at the bracelets for beginners workshop… Barbara  aghast split an endless cascade of turquoise glass beads ….Diane  looked to me with utter disappointment ….she placed a gentle hand on the shoulders of those who feared the worst …”Maurice what have you done ?….please tell me what could possibly have happened …she’s manoeuvred her self into a more aggressive stance. ,it was clear to all that this was the crisis. a tipping point , a moment of no return ….at the table the bull nose pliers disappeared like rats in a grain silo when the door is opened ….my head lifted …eyes bloodshot from days playing can’t crush …I knew that perhaps I was in that difficult place … dry mouth breathed the first most difficult words “I have been bad …very bad …I am truly truly ashamed of myself “….I had everyone’s attention now …”Maurice it is over now …what is done cannot be undone   can you step outside  and we will begin to find a way through this carnage ..can you do that for me Maurice?”….I  looked at her ..”yes Maurice I know your are in a difficult place now …we will find a way “…….under her breathe she whispered whoever left out the poster paints ..I told you this would happen ……bloody Maurice and his biblical melodrama …he is not  I repeat allowed near the paint cupboard”…..

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A quiet cup of coffee with Erchart Tolle

  This posting is from earlier this year but has been requested since then Ercharts solicitors have settled out of court

I arrived to the The curator cafe  totnes to be greeted by indiscreet mumbling …as i sat down a particularly nervous group turned around and could be heard to suggest ..”.I think that is him !.”..being mildly asbergers and vain i thought only the best of this crowd sourced insinuation …. I smiled and was to discover later this was considered a taunt …as i slurped my blend ethiopa.costa rica. panama….ummm… a small man with a glib look joined me at the table …”No one likes a smart arse” ” that’s fine i am not here to be liked just coffee thanks ” he reached over and tugged the hair on my forearm …”ouch !” “People say you think happiness is the cause of western society’s discontentment ” “well if you read the bible particularly the book of JOB you would find that devil takes the form of an accuser on the council of angels ..pointing out humanities failings ” ” what are you saying ? ” ” you might be the devil Echart! “I had recognised his face from the his merchandise on sale in town ..” Echart for a happy man can get very cross… he was furious so much so he needed a double shot in his mini mocha … the crowd were aghast mainly because of the new expression on echarts visage …he was decidedly discontented …..” you mustnt call Erchart Tolle the devil ! Again my vainity overtook social graces and my tirade began “….he is making people so unhappy ….parents are so “mindful or should I say mindless that children go to school in flip flops and live solely on pitta bread and hommus … both he and Antony Robbins have got us so fixed on the “now ” we have forgotten the past and couldnt care about the future ….total silence …echart wass whimpering … the waiter walks over “Its best you leave now ” …not finished ” How the hell can anyone truly be mindful when your out of your heads on triple espressos four times aday …” the six psychotherapists in the corner started handing out their business cards ..” thanks maurice see you next week ” with a knowing wink

The Autonomous Ape


Years of debate and more recently a landmark case ..where a supreme court wrestled with the acknowledgement that some even perhaps most primates enjoy a sense of self and given the opportunity could can and might be able to enjoy their own narrative with heroes and mythology .. the evidence was thinking the ground with the exception of a ground-breaking collaboration between a lesser cinematographer and an albino chimpanzee who embarked on a retelling of the story of prejudice and Orpheus … the court watched in disbelief as documentation.. revealed how given the opportunity how narcissistic and indulgent primates are when engaged in creative processes or as was counter argued how unwilling the cinematographer was willing g to let go of centuries of prejudices

The Great and Mighty fall


There are occasions when you trip and fall and fall for what  the sermons call an eternity … you look below, the water boils and thrashes …you will never reach the water .. from a great height you can see arms wide open  waiting ready to catch you … but you will just fall ..   everyone I.Dolores you to finish the fall …. you twist and push for gravity to take hold … this time rather place is when the laws of nature do not apply ….

Knowing is not enough


The door declared  “knowing is not enough”…which at first glance seemed  straight forward  but as the morning revealed itself to me i realised  that this was to become a bhuddist riddle  that even when understood would suggest re examination  …i  had parked in the chief executivez parking bay my presence was known among all the staff …i was ushered into the interview room  ..two  piles of paper were presented to me and it was suggested if i was so inclined i might benefit in some way by answering the enclosed queries … i lifted the pencil and gazed at the glazed statement   “knowing is not enough” …as if an unknown bond movie it taunted  me … i raised the pages and  raced through the literacy and numeracy  tests …i banged the “bang the bell when you have finished bell”  a sullen woman  entered and flicked through my papers  ….with an well rehearsed grimace ..she said ”  well done mr oconnell you have answered all the questions correctly ..however as you know ” Knowing is not enough ” we will see you next week mr oconnell !

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Try to resist the urge to look


If the most tempting  things are hard to resist ….said the bus driver as he took my money …i dare you not to look…here goes  dont look at ….this …i found my eyes transfixed   ….bound ..trapped …  see i told you now go and sit down !

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