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Me and Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly and myself fell out one christmas … we were on set doing the final fill shots for “Singing in the Rain.”… I was a leg model at the time …my ankles had attracted the attention of a casting agent one evening . It was raining in Manhattan when I arrived by coach at Port Authority , I jumped a cab to Noho and Soho.. The car was full of christmas presents…I was just checking a pair of shoes I had bought for my sister…I still had my pop socks on …any how, in jumps Stanley Donen and Rita Moreno. ..I quickly put the shoes away …I ring my brother from the hotel . Stanley explained that Debbie Reynolds had fat ankles…. I signed a few non disclosure forms and( this is the first I have ever spoken about Christmas 51 .. Kelly ..Reynolds and Donen. Things were tense on set as Kelly felt I was show boating …which I aggressively denied, after all how could an ankle upstage a Hollywood star ..we never spoke again..and I was encouraged not to attend the wrap up party… me, my brother and cyd charrise shared a bottle of bourbon in a bar in St marks instead. …gene kelly