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The Lament for the Loss of the Last Right Whale , The prologue


A group of very tired whalers find themselves In a very tricky predicament. They have caught a right whale. ,their ship has sunk. And after several days at sea they find themselves whale in tow off the coast of Devon . During the previous days of battling with the leviathan that in fact they have caught the last Right whale .
This  great beast is the last of its kind … blubber and it’s oil is at a premium if they let it go so close to the coast it is bound to get caught .
Reminded of the terrible experiences of Jonah  they decide to save the last Right whale .  In the dead of night they arrive at Dartmouth  and  via a remarkable feet of engineering  they find a field in the adjacent hinterland Spindletop .. Despite all their misguided efforts  the whale expires  . Distraught  by the hopelessness of the plight of the whale. They begin a wake for the Loss of The Last Right Whale. Residents of surrounding villages receive news of the creatures passing and each night visit the field to bear witness…