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Remorse,Shame,Guilt,Fear,Regret… you have left all the boxes empty…The Allegations had come hard and fast ..Smug ,Arrogant,Patronising,Deluded,Monomania,Self inflated. …Aloof…..I rubbed the crisp sheets with their accusatory lists..calmly I scanned the various adjectives with my recently scarred fore finger ..I had been sharpening my scythe  and in an instance my hand smarted …warm crimson blood drifted across my palm and plipped onto my corduroy …I dropped the scythe to the cool wet grass .. place my hand in my mouth ..I strode across the field ..salty blood trickled from my mouth …arriving at the van instinct opened the door with my bloodied hand ..from the tool box ..electric tape ..binding it tightly ..The pain remained sharp …hoping over the fence the scythe was returned to the shed and I put the kettle on … finger had completed its journey through the pages of observations ..raising my head .. smiling I asked in my well practiced rhetoric “Yes. .but does that make me a bad person? you think I might meet  these  faceless  parents of these childish ill thought observations dear!