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​Although we grew up during the 1970s  our domestic lives were free of the political turmoil that visited other parts of the island at that time …..however    my  mother, she carried a derringer in her bag ….. every now and again we would be asked to get her hand bag …and as if she dreaded but anticipated an eventual day …she would bring out a small pistol …much like bette davis in a film noir  with smoke issuing from her nostrils …backlit by our standard lamp… she would lean forward in her armchair pointing  the nozzle at us and say calmly “I brought you into this world and i can take you out !!!”  The pistol was on her person most of the time ….fathers hunting rifle was underlock and key …. with that in mind we as children  kept  tennis rackets under our beds just in case everyrhing got out of hand …