Monthly Archives: December 2016

What did you get for Christmas ? 

​A weary , polite hand reached in through the door “happy Christmas Maurice!!” … I invited the  arm  and it’s body in .. amongst the sniffles and drips ,I drove  the conversation across  family and so much more …. we reached a crest in the dialogue… I grabbed my coffee and slipped …”Guess what I got for Christmas?”…. with a childish smirk I peeled my socks down my shins and reached into the shadowed light ..Discarding my wool blend socks  I then twisted on my seat ..  her eyes trundled to the floor ….I stood up and walked into the bright flickering light of a 100watt energy saving light bulb ….  and I in counter tenor  “Some more toes!!!!”


The Wall

​The air is different here .. The sun requires a furrow of the brow …entering the courtyard  you see bodies and their faces pressed against the sun drenched South facing walls .. a firm but benign hand on your shoulder suggests you forward into the heat association your now flushed cheek finds shade in the act of pressing yourself onto and into the wall … The insinuating disembodied hand withdraws .. a voice enters your  cranial cavity and instructs you to listen to the wall breathe ..Theirs is not rushed ..on the first breathe you hear ..hold yours …on the second return the breathe … then and only then can you leave…

Sourdough Massacre 

​The Sourdough Massacre ….Three times I had sent three people on an errant and three times I was disappointed ..I had asked find me some decent  Sourdough Bread ..How difficult could that be …Was I asking too much ?..How had I become the bad guy ? …Sainsburys was on a lock down ..I was was backed into a corner between FREE FROM and WORLD FOODS  ..The Gluten free cheese display was spreadeagled  across the floor as far as the fish counter ..I  could hear the man from the Phone centre weeping …All I had was a spelt loaf and 12 hars of Manuka honey … it was going a long night ……I sat  crouched wondering how I had suddenly become a lost character in the most second season of Fargo…..