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Anatomy of an elephant



over the last ten years I have had a curious interest in the death of a theatrical elephant.  It  has reached a peak now with  a series of deaths of elephants curiously connected to  my home town  of dublin .

I hope to   tell the the stories of these elephants and their  various unfortunate deaths, but more importantly the curious relationship they had with people as  sort of intelligent performers, friends and eventually enemies.

The first of these  is the dissection  of one elphant in the back alley of dublins Temple bar  in 1681  (the inspiaration for my quest) . The subsequent autopsy  puts dublin  on the scientific map  as Irelans first recorded dissection… and the series of new discoveries about elephants  made by dr mullins and his team of butchers .   The account of this event can be found online  in a facismile of the account .  Dr mullins anatomy of an elephant