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Hair pulling hooligan

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Marion Morrison .. It was 1959 in a car park off Wexford St ¬†Dublin … I was stepping out of my Austin Cambridge …my companion drew his presence to my attention with the joint use of an index finger and a gasp of air …”Start the car “I whispered loudly…. then in my broad brogue ..”.Well you hair pulling ,arm yanking ,mincing brute of man, leave Maureen alone and cut out the spanking it’s just not right “.. I jumped into car and we sped off down Long lane .. turned right onto Clanbrassil St and with in minutes could be found short of breathe geniflecting in front of a recumbent Saint in the transept of Christchurch Cathedral…to this day I am not sure if might not have been just someone who looked like him ..after all It was a long time ago.