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As will all research   you really have to be careful  what you read  and who you read …my father  was on phone  and i was trying to get a book from ….I waited in silence for a reply and hung up  ….i thought he had also hung up  but in fact he was still talking 30 mins later when I heard a voice coming from my  trousers mostly from by back pocket  …much to my relief  it turned out to be my my phone  and not my recently manifested rash ……not even sure i should share this anyway ..peopoe say mocking is catching….well i got the rash I made fun of in my previous posts……nerves or neurosthenia…was first talked about in the late 1800s and recently has been removed from medical diagnosis….freud who was a bit on the wrong side of sane he decided that if you did not get enough cultural output or exposure your body reacted with lethargy and disassociation . He believed nerves were the privilge of the leisured clasd..i wont go into his less savoury understanding of the condition emmission etc etc ….freud declared electrocution as an ineffective treatment ….and recommended a greater involvement in the arts and outdoor pursuits …According to wiki nuerosthenia is still available in non western medecine and in japan they recommend no culture for months and then a gradual return…you know you are better when you are abke to enjoy some hardcore german opera

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