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Knowing is not enough


The door declared  “knowing is not enough”…which at first glance seemed  straight forward  but as the morning revealed itself to me i realised  that this was to become a bhuddist riddle  that even when understood would suggest re examination  …i  had parked in the chief executivez parking bay  ..so my presence was known among all the staff …i was ushered into the interview room  ..two  piles of paper were presented to me and it was suggested if i was so inclined i might benefit in some way by answering the enclosed queries … i lifted the pencil and gazed at the glazed statement   “knowing is not enough” …as if an unknown bond movie it taunted  me … i raised the pages and  raced through the literacy and numeracy  tests …i banged the “bang the bell when you have finished bell”  a sullen woman  entered and flicked through my papers  ….with an well rehearsed grimace ..she said ”  well done mr oconnell you have answered all the questions correctly ..however as you know ” Knowing is not enough ” we will see you next week mr oconnell !

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