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Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be

The much misunderstood  mollusc 

“The much misunderstood mollusc” a spate of slanderous pamphlets with that title are currently being circulated in the leafy hinterland of cheltenham by a the much aggrieved husband of Renata Vargas who discovered Renata and myself engaging in electronic correspondence regarding the esoteric nature of the Kraken . I asking my readers in Cheltenham to take the defamatory remarks with a pinch of salt …we are all adults and of course I would never use  mango chutney in the manner suggested by Neville ..

Jean luc 

Jean luc was harping on about his existential crisis ..spitting in my ear .’..but maurice how can the soul exist in this collapsed modernity? ….I struggled with my straps   grabbed him by the throat …”.listen here you melancholic creep if I don’t get these t straps done ….your soul will be the least of your “crises”!!!!……

Short back and sides 

“So what what shall it be ?” ..” Short back and sides!!!” ..and can you keep an eye out for three  fellows I suspect have been trying to set up a small holding on my bald patch ….cheers !!


Yesterday part of my job I gate crashed a meeting I was asked leave …The body language was explicit …two years in the big  boys part of the gym …my security licence….two workshops on assertiveness for the deluded ….and my deep listening training …I walk forward  smiling sat on a chair bunched up …”don’t mind me I will say nothing “…..then  whispered to me ” how did you know !!!”I winked  karma  manifesting   call it what you want I just keep popping up where I am not … a rather grumpy overbearing busybody  looked at us both and ended up asking at the close of meeting  “Who do you work for “..  Stood up a bit too fast broke my belt “I am the light,  I am a human conditioner ,I work for people called HUMANITY “I bowed  slapped print button on the photocopier ..and ran for the hills …


One of the many conditions I was allowed join the girls with Busby was that I wear dark dance shoes ..seen here during one of the many hours of gruelling rehearsals .my fine calf and elongated femur caused much jealousy among the troupe , and frequently my shorts were maliciously secreted so I had to spend studio class in my irish underpants …dedpite this Busby saw my special talent and to this day am still familiar with many of those infamous dance sequences. …

Muriel Finley

“The Seduction of Muriel Finley ” ….Muriel had the misfortune of loose knee caps ( Yes) and frequently found herself on the stage floor writhing in agony as we slotted her knees back in place …Muriel  like Maureen Ohara   had a fondness for overrated Hollywood actors  …Muriel found my attention a bit overbearing and was very reluctant to wear less revealing clothing ….. never the less I was determined that with a decent pair of dungarees and a blouse we might make a fine couple ..The two occasions she agreed to an escorted date both her knee caps slide behind her joints and even I could not bring my self to exploit the intimacy of yanking her legs back in place to steal a kiss …and so eventually I gave up   Muriel  moved to Fulton County just outside the city of Atlanta  her children frequently return my correspondence insisting she has been dead for several decades …


“Daddy you are crying through one eye !! “…my eye had been leaking for quite some time …my sneezing was very dramatic and I usually ended up on the floor with whiplash..crying had stopped some time ago …laughing was slightly disturbing and was to be avoided , hiccups it has been reported have a striking resemblance to a goat choking on a laura ashley dress , the eye leak was a steady trickle from the right eye with no snuffling  ..we were watching “Despicable me 2”  so strictly speaking there was no call for crying or leaking … I am working on dual tear ducts but for the time being …mono