” Chris  you will have to go in the back  Ezra is in the front “…. during  the halcyon days of rubbish ..we eventually got industrialised ..with conveyor belts ,forklifts and diggers …and at times we appeared to be a serious contender  for reducing Cornwalls waste to landfill…however it did not suit everyone  and despite the obvious some  preferred  the traditional  bucket and bags …chris  who was a stalwart and a recycling fanatic  really found the processing  hard ,  having down syndrome   the hard work often got the better of him…despite his gallons of bubble gum flavoured drinks  and penguin bars …one day in the heat of the afternoon  we suddenly noticed chris had vanished ..it was entirely possible he had fallen into something  or  dissappeared into our carbboard pile  approx 10 tonnes of loose cardboard to be precise…. all the machines were switched off , digger also and our marvellous one speaker stereo …. chris !  chris where are you ….. a muffled plea  “I am here !!!”     us “where is here ? ”  chris  ” I dont know ?? ”     us Raise your arm and keep talking !!”   we found chris stuck  behind the conveyor belt  on his back  like an upturned turtle …my first response  relief of course  and then laughter ….chris  bellowed he was going to tell his mother   … I laughing more explained  I had found him  and would his mother be told ..chris said   firmly “no” … later during the day a rather large hedgehog  came across  the belt ..which I grabbed   and put in the front passenger seat of my car with the seat belt on…..  5.30 came  everything was switched off  ..shutters down  and i locked the gates … chris usually got a lift home  from someone …it was my turn  ..as we approached the car ..I said “chris youre in the back  Ezra is in the front today ”  chris stared at this teddy who was nearly bigger than me  and climbed in the back .saying nothing all the way home as i dropped him off I saw him point at the car as he was greeted by his mother.. this happened all week  until friday  when  I got to the car to find chris in the front seat  and no sign of Ezra…. chris in a firm voice  told me his mother said he was not to give up his seat to anyone   not even a Ezra  the enormous hedgehog …p.s it was always fun doing shopping after work …stinking of “bin jiuce”  and looking like ……


About mauricewoconnell

Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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