saints and sinners 

I think there is a small epistle on the church and it is a bit of a soft target …however  still on 1 corinithans chapter 11 verse 13 …when I first went to church in the Uk I was most  shocked  the lack of  discpline and laconic fervour  seemed be absent I noticed that people listened to the sermons and mostly could not recite the prayers in the monotonous droned  familiarity that i was accustomed to at home…i even got a shock  by the  fact most of the people attending these events choose to out of free choice …despite witnessing this fellowship and nearly human communion i would frequently object that despite my firm athetism  there could at least be discipline and a basic knowledge of the prayers in latin …my epiphany or rude awaken  came one sunday when i was invited to a prayer meeting  convened by two tank top gents with roving  microphones …the whole affair resembled some sort of  tv show, with much congregation activity …i was just getting into the swing of it ..watching and hearing all kinds of adoration and ,casual benediction being blurted into the roving mic when …out of nowhere i saw a young girl staring at me …she leant over to her parent   who directed a peacful gaze at the child  then  as if visited by one of the holy trinity she lost her serenity and marched through the aisles towards me … i was distracted by a parishoner who stood up to reveal she had only underpants  from her waist down with accessorised  purple blouse and tank top …it was at this moment i felt a sharp blow to my face …i turned around to see the child staring back at her mother …the mother smiled generously  at me  while lowering her eyes …I in my moment  of sudden  clarity roared laughing ….the congregation matched my pained laughter with  rapturous applause   allowing time for the mauve nicker baring lady to be manhandled into an antechamber …on my way out  i was generously welcomed, and applauded for my contribution to the meeting …while the lady was stood quietly in the distance flanked by to rather large brethen ……T strap shoes , bare legs , knickers  , blouse and mauve tank top


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Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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