Saints and Sinners pt2

“1 corinithians chapter 11 verse 13 “….. ….. in the 80’s despite attempts to judge by appearences  some parents found it helpful to contract a 6 foot 4  shaved headed  child minder with a tendancy to tell talls tales….. I found myself  in the company of three children ranging in age  from 3 to 7… Tom the youngest was having problems  with  the incredible hulk  scaling the outside of his house and attempting to climb into his bedroom  at night…. the parents both doctors firmly said the hulk did not exist, so there should be no actual  threat …and for safe measure they secured the windows ….  not entirely happy reading to the children I asked if they knew what was over the 20ft wall  at the bottom of their garden …. with  uncomfortable honesty they declared their parents had neglected to inform them  as to the vast geography just a yards from their house …. over the next days and weeks I unfolded a world  semi solid ….  in fact made entirely  of jelly   ruled  firmly  but nicely  by “The king of the Jelly Welliers”… it turned out that this king kept an eye  on the house at the edge of his kingdom … I offered to put in a good word to him and soon young Tom was having no problems with the Incredible Hulk …. however  one night the parents  sat me down  with the children  and asked me to explain that there was no such king and definitely  no gelatinous land mass  at the end of their garden … being the architect of this world and the author of a peaceful nights sleep for Tom  I declined the request  but agreed I would no longer relate the marvels which this “non existent world beheld ” ….. my child minding was put on hold  till a week later … the three children  came knocking on my door requesting an audience with their mother ….. putting on my best RAF flight  pants and combing back no 2 crew cut  I  raced  excitedly with the children to their sitting room .. I was greeted by a stern  but defeated mother   who asked me to be seated … she in measured tones  explained they had discovered a letter at the bottom of the garden  from over the wall !!!!….She began to open the letter and read slowly ….. The  letter was addressed to the family  from the King  expressing his dissappointment  in the disbelief in his existence   I think  I got a mention also  … the children with renewed vigour for their childhood looked at me and in unison  chirped that …the king wrote just like I had described  in my twilight tales… as, if you have jelly hands , it is going to be  messy …. the mother really looked at me …said she thought I should be the first to hear the good news  and  they would see me as usual  next week end


About mauricewoconnell

Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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