The Past is as soon as Tomorrow

Seeing as the past is as soon as tomorrow i will attempt  recent past.  arrived at gym this morning (very recent past)  i had only one shoe. …seeing as i was  already on two strikes at the pool  for speeding and wearing too many googles..i thought it best to make the best of a bad situation…with one shoe i discreetly boarded the rowing machine. ….it was when i alighted and made my way down to the free weights that i sensed tension. …most of the morning users for reasons not known to me have leg injuries of some sort. i felt my hobbling would go un noticed. ….au contaire was barked at me by the polish personal trainer as he tried restore decorum on the cross trainers. ..i asked if anyone had a spare size 10 left shoe…. Third strike. ….in the shower  next to jay the dodgy dezigner clothes man with the bite mark on his head. ….i think that perhaps  i might not renew my gym membership at the end of the month. …what will i do with my googles?


About mauricewoconnell

Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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