Naughty Herbert

Is maurice allowed  do that ?  Do what ? take pictures of himself in hospital !!   of course  he is I replied in the third person  it is my present and shortly , future past ..its mine ..  the conversation which did not involve me  because I might recount it ..  continued  …. I argued  because I was a protagonist in my life I was allowed document it and share it with others… NO NO NO !   but  the man in the opposite bed “naughty george ”  did play with his food and yes on several occassions  he flung his potatoes  at me…. surely I am allowed  tell people  about it  NO NO NO !  …. and as for herbert   who kept  me and five others (who remain nameless data protection) awake for five nights swearing …I am allowed say I saw his bottom several times as the nurses tried to put  pyjamas  on him   pyjamaswhich  were offered to me first ….. NO NO NO !!  What about the the very polite gentleman  who cried  because he wet his bed  three times one night  because no one could hear him over Herberts swearing ?…… NO NO NO !  as for videoing  the nurses apologising to me for the food landing on my covers as they tried to feed  naughty  george ?… No No  No !   when can maurice tell people  what happened when he went to hospital   NEVER  !  and in fact can you give the NHS the photos  !…..Once before has this happened 1997 I filmed  the Glasgow City Planners  christmas party…. which I can now say was a rather dull and uneventful affair  (opinion and fact ) ….The next day I was asked in to the senior manager office  who wanted the film ….. I said no it was mine … I went down to my desk  open plan office …. very quiet and tense  I had a series of discussions with union reps   HR  and senior management again …I hadnt even  time to look at the footage …. but something had happened  apparently ??? and much like “THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY”  everyone in the dept  felt they had behaved inappropriately …there was a stalemate  I suggested a public screening of the film  by those who attended the party…. this was too risky and finally I  was asked to publicly destroy the film  in a very odd scenario .  Maurice O’Connell  research Fellow  will destroy his video  ” Glasgow city planners christmas 1997 in the presentation room  at 1pm  select audiences only (strictly no photography) ”


About mauricewoconnell

Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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