Somebody in my eye

We had been in A & E only a matter of minutes ..I was rushed into a consulting room …as ever I looked as if I was suffering from  extremely good health …a disbelieving EMT  held my gaze and interrogated “So Mr o’connell What is the so called problem? ….”I think I have someone in my eye !” …” Something !” …”Some one has been bothering me ..In my eye “… I had this happen before the English language works if you do not assume meaning ….”Some thing !” .”..Someone   I have seen them it’s definitely not a thing it’s a one !”….The EMT left the room and a consulting optometrist stroke therapist arrived …”let’s have a look shall we Mr OCONNELL when did you first notice she was in your I ?….It was now clear that this was going to be a long night ….”My I saw someone in my eye when I saw them in my eye !!!!””….Staff began to gather behind my privacy screen as the word went about resus regarding my degenerate eye …oops sorry the person was behaving in a provocative manner and exploiting my gelatinous iris….The EMT had started shouting at my eye  without much success …..I was given some eye drops and referred to out patients notes were a mess of contradictions eye, I, me,  thing, some one, some thing  it was suggested in clear underlined biro ..If she hasn’t gone in three days  to try chopping onions and flush her out .


About mauricewoconnell

Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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