Come here til I hit you !!

As children adults often gave a mixture of encoded messages to our juvenile ears there was rhythmic sentence  as you were being struck with the wooden spoon “how”pause”many”pause”times”pause”do”pause”I”pause”have “pause”to”pause”tell”pause”you”…with the spoon beating the rhythm of the sentence onto a defiant open palm. …then there was ..”.Come here til I hit you” …”.If you go and break your leg don’t come running to me “..”.If you want to stay you will have to leave “that pearl from my Irish teacher….and the finest of all “of course you can as long as you don’t get your feet wet !!!!!!!”


About mauricewoconnell

Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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