Installing Art Dublin 1990 onwards 

It was my privilege to be part of a group of peculiar people who for a sandwich a bottle of coca cola and finally 20 irish pounds would under supervision install the various works of art arriving at the doors dublins establishment of contemporary art …with wit and guile we, by proxy got to be like Icarus in the art world ….with beers instead of cola we assisted a lead aeroplane of anselm kiefer manifest itself …Under armed guard and white gloved we decanted  gold guilt eggs of Russian origin….Mr boltanksi was not allowed meet us  but could talk plainly in the unpacking of his lost property …The unfortunate incident of the missing anish kapoor was not entirely connected to us ….and yes we  literally carried wet canvases in the back of a truck  on their way to be hung …one of which carries a accidental paw print  from an abrupt loss of grip during the rush to get it from Henri etta st. Dublin  my apologies cecily….Then the very exciting time trying get a fork lift into a white space in anticipation of a several Gunter Forgs  which had to be lowered into the building via a pedestrian entrance…..The utter delight in having an extra tin of his special orange paint left over to decorate my apartment. …. my favourite was holding Joseph Beuys toe nails  and having a lick of  his deer skull butter dishes …sitting here  looking at a set of toenails unlabelled in a grey display case and smiling …..lastly we never had the opportunity to lash ropes around The Winged Victory in such a shoddy manner .. and yes all these events fuelled ,incentivised by the promise of a chicken wrap , a can of coke and £20 ….. what larks pip


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