Lard information Council

And what annoyed me the most  was not the dubious message of the poster ..but that the Lard information council  seems to be taking a back seat on the issue of… please excuse me but it gets graphic from here on in …..ready  …besides the loss of bladder control from excessive access to ketamin  it is the anal weeping caused by trans fats  increasingly used in favourite savoury snacks ..these fats are used in the preparation of such gastronomic delights as cheese balls  currently available in every supermarket, own branded of course …In my prime I could consume ..4 ×150gms bags in one sitting …anyway the transfats  are designed so they travel straight through your body with out absorption …a bit like Teflon food  tasty but that’s it with a side affect of weep age  ….now back to the anal weeping ….of course unless you are like me and have studied “savoury snacks in a post structuralist economy”  ….you just wouldnt have a clue …so in summary  why have the happy people at the Lard information council  not been more vocal ….Apologies for the copracentric nature of the post …


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