Giuseppe Sanmartino

​I muttered under my breathe “Jesus not guiseppe sanmartino.”….”Maurice seeing as you seem to know something about everything would you like to begin ?”  My cohort giggled at this my  dressing down … “Well  the veiled Christ ….Indeed Jesus had an uncle Joseph of Arimathea (on his mum’s side …he was a bit a man about town  and supposedly he paid for the tomb and robes that Jesus was buried in, as tombs were well out of Mary and Joseph’s budget …uncle Joseph was a tin merchant  and he took just Jesus and Mary to Cornwall on a break  as happens sometimes with families .This was during school.time too and the pharisees were furious …anyway  the point I am making is that uncle Joseph took the chalice from the last supper …was about to sell it on biblical eBay when things turned sour  and that is why he left it buried in Glastonbury  in somerset on one of his junkets until things cooled down ..this chalice became the holy grail  knights templar monty python etc etc …….The veiled Christ by Guiseppe San Martino about 1783….there you have it !!”


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