uncles and aunts

Both my uncle and aunt appeared in all our family photography masked .Mother  always muttered it was a precaution  and until  the money was recovered it was best they were never seen …or more precisely their faces were never seen …..my younger sister had cause to believe that secrets hide some greater truth .where us more wary  knew it hid a lie ….The search for lie would lead to more deceit and ultimately you would end up like so many of our extended family as part of an extended myth …..mother twice this week denied she had ever stepped on the surface of the moon   confirming our long held belief that it was an Irish national who first set foot on the earth’s lonesome satellite. ..her denial  goes in two possible directions  either she is in fact telling the truth or hiding the lie …that  Nasa colluded ….with a cold stare of an East end  gangster  she  finally relents with this damning confession “Alright so what if I was on the moon  what has that got to do with anything !!!!”……everything mother!!! everything!!! finally the truth …mother of six  school teacher ex girlfriend of one of the Beatles (not sure which one ) and confidant of tennis star Jimmy connors….was the first person on the moon …finally ….


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