Maureen Again

​Maureen had just spilt up from her second husband charles  and she came home for a rest  seeing as I lived around the corner on Palmerston road ..I said I would pop down to mccambridge s get some smoked salmon  ,brown soda bread and in a jiffy call into collect from her parents place on Beechwood avenue …..yes beechwood avenue ….we had been close friends ever since charles Laughton intervened and got her cast in Jamaica Inn …my parents found her a bit skittish  but  mother made allowances because her on screen chemistry with Mr Wayne …. any it was at temple square ..we both agreed never to bring the subject up again  ….. what I hear you what matter ..well I did promise not discuss it with anyone ……this year she will be 93  and I must say I seemed to have faired better ….never the less they were the best of times and the worst of times ….


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