Ooh Stanley 

​So here we go …Stanley Kubrick was finishing off a photo shoot  in New York …His uncle was a friend of the family  on my mother’s side … grandmother was American irish ..I was lying low and decided  spending autumn in new York would do me good ….Stanley wanted a  shot of a beautiful young  Lady mincing across town ….he had to bare the brunt of a rash of barracking and insults … It was demeaning and out of date .. women should not be treated in such a manner….Stanley was truly downbeat …until I made this suggestion ..”.It is not quite as demeaning for a man to mince in high heels .”…  and so in the words of syd charrise. ..history was made …a non disclosure form prevented me from getting credit for my part in this image…It was mother who recently discovered an old portfolio and spotted my weak ankles … “yes mother I was paid  and no I didnt get to keep the dress !!!! It was quite some time ago  please!!! ”


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