Capt Hhp Deasy’s letter of affection

​given the day that is in it ….. mating and courtship rituals were never openly communicated in my family ….my elder brothers juvenile attempts at this complex and often rewarding activity  found my mother making one of many apologies to the world from the dooorstep of our home in the dublins suburbs…. a frantic rapping could be heard at the door ….mother in a magnificent maxi skirt swished to the door …a quick glance in the hall mirror  and a gush of summer sun raced into to our dimlit hall…mrs lynch from down the road had sired three children two of whom were girls…Mrs Lynch like a  plymouth pilgrim settler being chased by a Newfoundland aborigine   grasped my mothers arm  “your son is chasing my daughter with a burning stick !!!! ”  mother with all the edwardian decorum replied calmy …”.surely  not which son might thi….”  her sentence was caught short as if she was being throttled by an unknown force …for as she was forming the words and breathing them to our neighbour  my brother raced past with a large flaming brand  and just out of reach  was indeed Judith  the aforemention damsel under duress…. mother coughed and finsihed “surely you must be mistaken !!!”… she removed the neighbourly arm from hers..slowly closed the door ..returned her gaze to the mirror  …the reflection took pity suggesting a more confident image than  it had intended…  however a recent discovery of the diaries of my great grand mother suggests  a more noble and romantic approach to courtship  by our  male ancestor and in this culiminating line of corespondence  of proposal the measured phrase  “believe me to be ” says it all ….


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