EqualiEquality and Diversity 

​It was EQUALITY and DIVERSITY day at P.L.O.G( see foot note)….we all had been asked to think of a way to show our understanding of the issue ….It had being going fine nothing too controversial. ..Milicent turned to me and gestured it is my turn …I took out my photo and placed it on the table for all to see ….faces lit up and the barracking began ..”.I know he is a transvestite?no no I know it’s a transexual?Surely he’s not a lady boy?.”…my face communicated that no one was anywhere close…The chairman shouted “homosexual “as if her life depended on it  ….puzzled a quiet voice from the tea hatch offered “He male she male?”….all in the room was quite agitated now …”Jesus maurice what the hell is he ?”….I quietly picked up the picture .”HE IS MICK JAGGER!”….

FOOT NOTE: private locomotive owners group


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