Tommy two owls

​Tommy two owls …lived down the road from my auntie who we never saw as she had TB   each day on the way back from school my mother would stop in Morton s  of Dunville avenue …The hillman super minx would be perfumed with the salutary smell of medium cut garlic salami ….The warm blue leather  kissed the back our necks as mother acceleratored to the crossroads where her arm would reach out and point to our aunts home which had been vacated while she attended the sanatorium this was a home she never returned and we never visited …Tommy two owls lived two doors down from the Black Church ..which defiantly straddled the centre of the road forcing the leaf sprung  suspension of the car to twist as we  veered to circumnavigate it’s footorint ….Tommy was known to the family by the various sightings of  this man drenched in droppings and a trail of owl pellets ..As an adult I cycled past his door  usually in the early hours of the morning ..I with a bin bag half full of still warm baked potatoes. .heading home ..and in a glance I would see a silhouette of tommy leaning from his window and his barn owls returning from their nightime foraging …


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