Mother during the 1970s

​Mothers during the 1970s mostly could be found about to hang out washing or on the brink of returning from the washing line …as children we marvelled at mothers dominant dexterity ..with a swish and a wash  seemingly complex tasks were performed in the manner of an accomplished prestadigitator (Samsung struggled with predicting that word )…She carried numerous household tasks with dignity and grace …father who was raised in the belief he might be a descendent of Prester John   …we were convinced he was missing opposable thumbs …to this day I am not even sure if he commanded the ability to tie his own shoe laces ….a complex ruse to mask this life impediment .. he was open in his  reluctance to demonstrify every day tasks to his offspring … and so life progressed with capable mothers in the home ..mother with just a cigarette and a wooden  spoon revealed the mechanics of everyday life …leaving father muttering about the withered hand of kaiser wilhiem and how even tsar Nicolas s son had to be carried about by a sailor …


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