The London Underground

​Although I am sorely tempted to describe the numerous times I fell.asleep on the London underground this  post will not occasion that , however ..mother has remarked that she has learnt less about me since reading my literary incontinence. …(her words not mine) ….. In direct defiance I write the following …During the 1980’s I became quite fond of “long island ice teas.”…and because of my day job working in demolition , my confidence grew exponentially with every sip of this gloriously over rated cocktail ….my confidence to such an extent  that one night I became one of those people you see on channel 5  “Cops “..If the cctv footage was ever retrieved.!! …A lanky ruddy faced irish lout with unkempt tufts of hair …trundling to the Tube …In a glorious feat of drunken gymnastry rolled head over heels down the entire escalator …with grace of a Russian dancer I proceeded to Highbury and Islington. …finding my self on a night bus ….with little experience of public speaking managed to silence the entire manifest of passengers with a slurred threat of menace ….I did go to the toilet at some point but was never clear when that happened…my badly buttoned pants evidenced the event …without a chronology ….To my credit I slept well and was up a scaffold overlooking Oxford St by 745am  the next morning  with a jack hammer dismantling the facade of some former shopping emporium.


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