The Truth about Dinosaurs

​The difficult subject of Dinosaurs …because no one really knows anything for sure  it causes ripples of uncertainty in the juvenile mind …my policy has been to be clear and unwaivering even if it is utter nonsense ..The young mind is vulnerable enough without adding to the chaos of the unknown …..So there I was waiting for Miss Reynolds to return  Class 5  were all looking at me .”.Maurice  can you tell us what happened to the  dinosaurs?” ….I quickly race to the door to check for miss R….race back ..” Of course I can.. here it is  but I will have to be quick ….there are lots of theories  but the truth  is this … During the 1970s  the French and Americans  wanted to fight a war in the jungles  of east asia where most of the dinosaurs lived …It was Impossible with a brontosaurus or a diplodacus  mincing around in the middle of a war …so they airlifted most of the dinosaurs out by helicopter and left them on an island off Scotland ….now hear is the bit people find difficult  most of the dinosaurs fell off the cliffs or had their eyes pecked out by puffins ….I could hear miss Reynolds approaching …”The Americans and Society for protection of Dinosaurs were mortified  and made up a story about a meteor  and finally it’s now against to law to discuss the dinosaur airlift of 1972 ..So please don’t mention this  to Miss Reynolds…Miss Reynolds  appears smiles nervously and resumes her seat …And I summarise “And Class 5  that is why puffins are a protected species…..


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