​TROUBLE AT TINY TOTS..On the second day of the retreat. ….we were asked to enter into a rather unusual contract with the state ….there was to be no resolution ..there was intelligence that the parent toddler group had cells …with Maoist tendency …we were to study Gina Ford…. traumatised parenting increased a capacity for docile  communities …the under 6 yr olds were to be left under an torrent of controlled crying …Ofsted  decided it was time to enforce wet play  and risk taking … tiny tantrum tear gas and wet wipes were our weapons of choice .. conflict management  hair pulling pinching  and nursery rhymes….it was impossible there was going to  be collateral damage …the semi permanent markers reeked havoc !!….and when it was all done and dusted , when family services tactical intervention team sat in the transit van  for  debrief ….we all knew. Which end of the scale the smile file would read..


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