Trouble at Tiny Tots pt 2

​TROUBLE AT TINY TOTS…We had established a perimeter and secured most escape routes..I had set up a command centre in the Methodist hall across the road from the children’s centre. Things were quite heated now. We were expecting a visit from the European council for countryside childcare in mainly maritime costal market towns.  What had started as a demand for a new buggy park was now a fully blown siege .In order to contain the situation I called upon the local branch of the territorial army.The tactical response team had to step down as they had started to itch and complain of stress hives. The doors burst open …and duty Sargent Triwellan  goose stepped upto the table .Saluting  all ,the chamber of commerce and most of the fayre day committee with the exception of the lady chairman as she had joined the other side quite early on ….”Damn it what is it now ?”I asked dreading a new turn of events…”Excuse me sirs  but one of the older girls from the extended schools project is calling my men names…Sir !”….this was not happening …


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