You have a bit of something on your face ?

​Bound by the understanding of basic rules of social engagement. . Well versed in some advanced conversational techniques. .. I began with …

Excuse me  you have a big bit of something on your face !  

The woman lifted the cigarette to her mouth  drew in and exhaled ..lowered her hand to the ashtray..looked at a me and replied in a calm fashion “Oh really  where ?”…”more or less most of it ”  gosh how embarassing  ..has it gone ?….”….”not really it’s still there ” I gestured with my hand on my face as one does…. There was a mirror but I thought given the circumstances I best just intervene…” oh how it gone now ” she  brushed her chin in effectually. ..I had never been in a situation like this before …how did an encephalpod  get there without her noticing …I decided to lie …”That’s it ,its gone now !”…She reached over brushed my arm and thanked me ..I stood up wished her well  … and ran fast as my legs could carry me … how can you sit there smoking  a cigarette with an octopus  stuck to your face …and what’s the story with the no clothes its January I ask you ….Some people


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