Visitors to the family home 

​My parents resolved not to invite their friends to Minnetonka , Raratonga  and nintonja our various homes… ever ….  all visits were brief and rarely revealed the depth of human friendship that is often described in many of the classics …as teenagers  we were well versed in the phrase” Youth is wasted on the young”….We were raised as much as possible in the manner of  the misguided propositions of Dr Spock … we believed truly that adults lack the depth of emotion and the range of feeling to experience  what we as true humans believed  was possible… for years we fought with our father to allow us into an insight to this  halcyon time ….we were too vain to imagine we might not recall our youth in later life …father with skill and determination documented our acne and hormone riddled journey all the way to a late arrival to adulthood …  yesterday  he phoned me and revealed to my utter shame the true nature of that merchant ivory idyll of my mind …he cautioned that this was a gate once opened could never be closed. It was my decision ….to never know  and leave it to  a false memory .or to glimpse into a potential Pandora box… vanity won ….an email.arrived. as I was finishing my time in the recently reoaired sauna….dripping  sweat  stung my eyes…..with a subject heading ..THIS WHY YOUR MOTHER AND I HAD NO FRIENDS…a jpeg dated  June 1982  Entitled OUR BOYS. Started to download…with a footnote.  You are second from the right

….   your Father…enjoy ….


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