Without Oxygen Pt1

​Without oxygen……. For those who are frequenters of my posts you will know of my several ambitious  albeit disastrous  attempts to match the achievements of Mallory , Hilary and Messner. .. last year my deluded yet heroic attempt to scale the frozen food section of Morrisons supermarket in Totnes  resulted in an eight month ban … Well   I have used the time well …with the support of crowd sourcing   I will attempt the much trickier  climb at Tesco @ Lee mill  just off the A38  15 miles North of Plymouth . With a footfall of several thousand a day presents the expedition team with untold logistical problems. This time in the manner of messner it will be attempted without the use of oxygen. In real terms this means holding ones breath for the entire ascent … made even more difficult  as we will not be able to use ropes…… The risks from oxygen debt  means prolific  over production of red blood cells and extremely unlikely clotting with  resulting loss of connection with reality .. supermarket atmospherics can  be tricky as frozen vegetables and deserts can reach temp a tyres of minus 10 ..With limited risk of burns and frost bite….. we of course are in uncharted territory as we know of only one other expedition of this nature….mine last year …..we will stream live footage from the summit … The timing is crucial as now the fridges have been restocked after Christmas and new year shopping . We have small window before the chilled cabinets begin to loose their frozen thermal mass ..Again our motto “There is no place too hard to reach by strong and intelligent men “.


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