The pharmacy 

​Boots pharmacy  just minutes after the live webinar on skin care for big boys with busy wives  or lives … now what can I do for you ?  asked a rather smug young lady with a distinct accent suggesting she was not from Yorkshire …before I could reply ..she was squirting blends of ylang ylang oil  infused with  hope , joy and neutrinos … Well , as I peeled off my Egyptian cotton smock to reveal my rather tired elbows … she blurted a sound much like reverse belch …she poked my elbows with a cotton bud … I reassured I had been green scaley elbowed since  Mr Pinochet visited Ireland in the late 1980’s.  And that I used a topical creme  successfully until recently when I noticed my lower incisors enlarging ….she just stared ….A sudden sound of two police community support officers galloping towards meant I was unable to complete the momentary transaction …I gripped the cotton buds between my teeth winked at the confused dame  and found myself in a rather quiet corner of a Skip  to reflect on the success of  that dermatological exchange


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