Morton Mackay

​Woke upto the tragic and mildly disturbing news that the rather controversial animal ecologist “Morton Mackay”…was found by walkers predated early this morning near Doctors Drive on the moors  .. A radical figure who spent the last 15 yrs living amongst  native hibernating species of hedge pigs on Devon  moorland . Although the environmental activist community was not surprised  by recent events  ; they  neverthesless have overwhelmingly agreed no one should end their days  in such a fashion . Police have confirmed  he was mauled by a prickle of hedgehogs numbering in numbers  of upto thirty excluding pups  .A spokes person from the Wildlife Trust has made a statement “Regarding public predation by autumnal hedgehogs  there is no immediate risk but common sense should apply , however to put this in perspective if you are the son of a mid 70s mother and have spent the last 3 yrs telling outrageous stories about her and sharing it via social media , if that description matches your profile you are at risk of being suffocated by her in your sleep on your next visit “. 

Morton came to public attention in the early 1990’s when he attempted to assimilate into a life of hibernation and foraging;  invited onto BBCs “Autumn Watch”  where the catch phrase” You can never become a hedgehog you idiot!!”was born ,.Author of much of his misanthropy  he leaves behind a trail of chaos and misunderstanding , most particularly regarding  British native hedgehogs


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