Frozen Food

It was unlike yesterday i was sure of that  yesterday was a gift from the gods ..a chance to make a difference  instead it collapsed in a state of indifference ..the first ever solo attempt to cross the frozen food section of supermarket i had burst a bubble  which oozed across my masterplan ,what had gone wrong …i flicked through my extensive collection of climbers international …sighing as my super ego concluded my photo would adorn  the office of morrison security and not in the hallowed halls of the royal geographical society ….as i reached down for my very outdated edition of the telegraph ..i spied two pairs of pleated trousers approach …i raised my slightly bruised torso and ego  then smiled ….of the two men now standing infront of one stood out  ..he had three eyes ..which was a huge distraction as it blinked out of sync …the other offered a hand saying …mr oconnell  can we talk …in my georgian lounge i sat opposite the sopha  and began to understand what was afoot ….we understand you were not completely happy with your shopping experience yesterday and we are here to see how we can improve things for you and others like you ….. the three eyed nan from morrisons  was sending mixed messages  so as way of an explanation i showed them my scrapbook of great artic explorers …..i was not sure if they grasped  my situation  … response  they opened a brief case and scattered numerous brochures about custoner care and gold standards ….not sure if it was the coffee or the situation  i was feeling lightheaded  i got the distinct impression  they wanted to assist in some way …. the conversation  rambled along about customer value and that despite attempts to lower prices they were still managing to make huge profits…..then silence ….so what do you think nr oconnell ?  I was lost …you want  morrisons to have exclusive rights over any future attempts at the frozen food section …the three eyed man eased himself to the front of the settee ..Exactly!….and in exchange you and your family will recieve at discount as much belly pork as you can carry in your bag for life ….. Rose was not here so i was not able to decide on this opportunity … the three eyed man from morrisons mopped his brow with my hankerchief which was nestled in a cushion crevice on the settle, which he deftly secreted in his breast pocket …i tell you what gentlemen  i need to see this in writing  …can you give me a card and i will call you on monday … the crisp card  rested on my desk later that day … i flipped it over   Mr les baxter   customer value  regional collegue  morrison plc…….i knew i could do better ..did i want to go down in history as morrisons lapdog in frozen food exploration  No I did not ….to be continued



About mauricewoconnell

Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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