A quiet cup of coffee with Erchart Tolle

  This posting is from earlier this year but has been requested since then Ercharts solicitors have settled out of court

I arrived to the The curator cafe  totnes to be greeted by indiscreet mumbling …as i sat down a particularly nervous group turned around and could be heard to suggest ..”.I think that is him !.”..being mildly asbergers and vain i thought only the best of this crowd sourced insinuation …. I smiled and was to discover later this was considered a taunt …as i slurped my blend ethiopa.costa rica. panama….ummm… a small man with a glib look joined me at the table …”No one likes a smart arse” ” that’s fine i am not here to be liked just coffee thanks ” he reached over and tugged the hair on my forearm …”ouch !” “People say you think happiness is the cause of western society’s discontentment ” “well if you read the bible particularly the book of JOB you would find that devil takes the form of an accuser on the council of angels ..pointing out humanities failings ” ” what are you saying ? ” ” you might be the devil Echart! “I had recognised his face from the his merchandise on sale in town ..” Echart for a happy man can get very cross… he was furious so much so he needed a double shot in his mini mocha … the crowd were aghast mainly because of the new expression on echarts visage …he was decidedly discontented …..” you mustnt call Erchart Tolle the devil ! Again my vainity overtook social graces and my tirade began “….he is making people so unhappy ….parents are so “mindful or should I say mindless that children go to school in flip flops and live solely on pitta bread and hommus … both he and Antony Robbins have got us so fixed on the “now ” we have forgotten the past and couldnt care about the future ….total silence …echart wass whimpering … the waiter walks over “Its best you leave now ” …not finished ” How the hell can anyone truly be mindful when your out of your heads on triple espressos four times aday …” the six psychotherapists in the corner started handing out their business cards ..” thanks maurice see you next week ” with a knowing wink


About mauricewoconnell

Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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