mother and father the whole truth and nothing but something like the truth


 To help the reader i must give a brief foundation  or root cause to some of this waivering from what  people call reality …in truth  everything in this blog and the facebook updates are actually true but remarkably sound untrue ….. as they say look at the child and you will see the parents…  my father is a very highly educated man  but lacks a braod imagination  my mother  wont let us know if she was educated but the evidence  points to a very active imagination …. throughout our lives my father  like some innocent missionary  trying save doomed souls  would in fact tell us numerous truth..he has an extraordinary understanding of the facts  and as children  he would sit in his study and explain the world as he saw it and then point to the numerous books to back up his propositions. . in the dark light of his study six children would stare back at him in total disbelief…we knew he knew we did not accept any of it …..we would turn on our heels and slam the door firmly shut  leaving him to reconsider the facts as he saw them….. my mother however  with no ground to stand on would explain that she went out with  the fifth Beatle   possibly dated jimmy connors the tennis player….crows were responsible  for missing items of clothing, she was able to talk to bees ,joey the robin lived in our garden for at least 17yrs and follwed us throughout three subsequent moves, all black and white telly programmes were suitable ,it was colourtelly that did most of the damage  and all manner of harmful instructions regarding salt and vinegar crisps.. the list went and so long it was that it is embedded  in our heads….again  faced with  post enlightenment reason with scholarlly support or pre-christain nonsense  we went choose  my mother path to truth….. and this is where the tricky bit was  i believe  my mother was suspicious of the truth and that it indeed would lead to underdeveloped minds  she felt  if a child handed over their child weary clothes to be washed and the child believed that perhaps these items might end up at the bottom of the garden buried among the leeks …this child believed  would be better equpped for a world  that  only  had just come to terms  with one moon landing … the truth  she said was more trouble than it is worth and how was she to know how the crows managed to get a shovel dig a hole and only bury  trousers….all she knew was no one had a better explanation had they  !!!  still glad to have reached our early teens  we learned our father cambridge education was no match for this logic   and to this day  my mother when challenged about her relationship with the Beatles  replies Why do have bring up the past ? and you not happy with the present …..and before you say anything  i dont know how they buried your pants .


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Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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