Charlie Tucker



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charles tucker pic damnation tucker tucker  gravestone

As  children we were surrounded by all sorts of images of the past   the present   but mainly of the past  and mostly of people   who were quite unlikely and most likely to have little of no relevance  in our life ……. Charlie Tucker  was like a lost uncle who watched over us as cildren … his stern motached face  glared at us so much that after a while he  became invisble.. we were  historically the most priviliged people I still  have yet to meet  …. nearly all  every single major historical event   that was written about ,my family seems to have been involved  in , so much so  that my rather innocent elder  brother for about three years  believed  my father was LAWERANCE of ARABIA….  more recently  when putting on a production focussed on WW1   it turned out five  of my relatives all fought in the great war  . all survived   and alll were commissioned  officers … anyway  it was hard to find any event they were not part of ….my father today thinks perhaps  a member of our family  was in Dublin Castle during the Arrests of the Rising …he even has reports from his grand father  warning of sinn fein activism  in kerry  …. now back to the main story … Charlie Tucker  was   is  a greatgrand uncle …..  Two years ago  I moved to Devon town of Ashburton   and begin promenading about as if I was some lost Devonian son  and for a minor joke I  said I  had family in the town ….  one month  later my father calls and declares   Charlie Tucker  is buried in the town ……. damn blast and flip it …  I raced down to the  big graveyard  in the town ,,just above Tuckers country stores …and the rest is actual history …. MAJOR GENERAL  CHARLES TUCKER  fought in  two BOER WARS  and by some twist of fate  married my great grand aunt ….. so even more fuelled with delusion  I now  ……….




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Maurice OConnell is a Creative based in Cornwall concentrating on Writing and Unique theatrical appearances.. He continues to imagine a world twice as exciting and dangerous than it could possibly ever be View all posts by mauricewoconnell

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